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NRA Gives Sole Endorsement to Alan Wilson for Attorney General

Friday, May 18, 2018
Wilson receives full support of the NRA and is praised for years of moving the needle for law-abiding gun owners  COLUMBIA, SC - South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson today received the endorsement of the National Rifle Association in a letter from NRA Chairman Chris Cox. The NRA is giving its only endorsement in the race for South Carolina Attorney General to Alan Wilson.In a statement, NRA Chairman Chris Cox said, "This endorsement is a reflection of your years of strong support for the Second Amendment Rights of South Carolinians."Wilson said, "As a combat veteran, I've fought for our freedoms, and as Attorney General, I've actively defended the Second Amendment against liberal attacks across our nation and in South Carolina." He continued, "I'm honored to receive strong support from the NRA." 
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Statewide Law Enforcement Coalition In Support of Re-Election Campaign

Monday, April 30, 2018
Wilson Announces Statewide Law Enforcement Coalition in Support of Re-Election Campaign The coalition includes 17 current and former sheriffs, 4 solicitors, and former law enforcement officers COLUMBIA, SC - South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson today released a coalition of law enforcement officials, which includes 17 current and former Sheriffs. The coalition shows massive statewide support within the law enforcement community for Wilson's re-election campaign. SC House Ethics Committee Chairman, Representative Mike Pitts, said, "Above all else, Attorney General Alan Wilson stands for truth and justice - keeping families safe and upholding the rule of law." Pitts continued, "Alan Wilson is exactly who we need in the Attorney General's office."  
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