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Attorney General Candidate Shows Momentum Amongst SCGOP Stalwarts

Former Assistant Solicitor and former Assistant Attorney General Alan Wilson recently won two major straw polls in his race for the Republican nomination for Attorney General.   At both the South Carolina Republican Party’s Silver Elephant Dinner on April 24th and at the Berkeley Republican Breakfast Club on May 1st, Alan Wilson emerged as the favorite for Attorney General.

In the SC GOP Silver Elephant Dinner straw poll, Wilson received 48% of the vote in a three candidate race. In the Berkeley County Republican Breakfast Club straw poll, Wilson garnered 45% of the vote – thirteen points more than his nearest opponent.

While straw polls are far from scientific, both events were large enough to show the momentum of Wilson’s campaign. More than 800 activists attended the Silver Elephant dinner from across the state and more than 200 activists came to the Berkeley County Republican Breakfast Club.

This isn’t the first momentum for Wilson’s campaign. He has been endorsed by a vast majority of South Carolina sheriffs.